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How to Buy a Car - Online Guide


New car guideIf you are in the market for a new vehicle, this manual is a valuable resource that is designed to help consumers choose the right vehicle, decide whether to lease or buy, calculate the true cost, and negotiate from an informed position to get the best price available. Perhaps more important, following these guidelines will protect you from some of the pitfalls waiting out there to ensnare the inexperienced vehicle consumer.

Chapter 1- A Step-By Step Guide To Smart Vehicle Shopping
     This quick reference guide briefly covers the important points from the following chapters.

Chapter 2 - Choosing The Right Vehicle For Your Needs
Consider the options; two-seater to eight-seater
     Consider needs not wants
     Remember the little things

Chapter 3 - Establishing The Price You Want To Pay
Determine the dealer's cost
     Use this Web site to explore your options

Chapter 4 - Deciding Between Leasing or Buying
Consider the pros and cons of leasing or buying
     Leasing questions
     Buying questions

Chapter 5 - Counting The Cost

Chapter 6 - Buying A Vehicle
Be well informed to negotiate from a power position
     Be aware of the sales strategies
     Buying the vehicle-the process

Chapter 7 - Leasing A Vehicle
Consider mileage and warranty limitations
     Be well informed about leasing to avoid the pitfalls

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